1. Start with your credit report.

Verify and Confirm Your Personal Information

Enter your personal information, including your current home address to verify your identity against your personal credit profile. The verification does not negatively impact your credit report. All information you provide is private and secure.

Check out the Terms & Conditions

We ask that you agree to our terms and then acknowledge that you've provided written instruction to AppSingular under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to obtain information from your personal credit profile from Experian to complete the authentication process. You'll need your Social Security Number to continue verification.

Answer a Few Questions (we double-check it's you)

We then ask a few questions based on your personal credit profile. This is the final step we take to ensure your information is secure and that nobody else is attempting to review your personal credit profile.

2. Complete the rental application. Just once.

Multi-Use Rental Application

Don't start from scratch. Your tenant application is automatically populated with key information from your credit profile so you can create your rental application quickly and on-the-go!

Update with latest information

We ask that you confirm a few key pieces of information before connecting with property managers and landlords. You may even flag certain financial accounts as "shared" if you co-signed on a loan or helped out a friend - here's your chance to put your best foot forward with just a few clicks. Use our attachments section to include your paystubs or other scanned items.

3. Connect and Share.


Once your application looks good, you will officially connect with the landlords and property managers you want to share it with. Connecting allows you to securely share a link with many property managers at once to exchange credit information. Once the landlord signs up and authenticates, they will have access to your application for up to 30 days from the date of purchase - so act fast!

And when you're moved-in and done? Just archive until your next move.